PASSOVER, True Meaning 6|Ahnsahnghong!

Thursday, December 31, 2009

In AD 325, the Passover was abolished by the Nicea Council under the leadership of Roman Emperor Constantine. Therefore, no one was able to keep the Passover since that time as Jesus Christ commanded. Then, how can anyone be forgiven of their sins and have eternal life? This period was known as the Dark Ages. But merciful God, opened up the way in the OT so that the Israelites born in the desert were able to keep the Passover. The very next day, they were in the promised land of Canann. This prophecy too is to be fulfilled nowadays.
In Isiah 25:6-9, God said that death is swallowed up forever thru aged wine. For a long time, since 325 AD, Passover was not celebrated. However, merciful God, 2nd coming Christ, Christ Ahnsahnghong, brought back the Passover in these days to Mount Zion. That's why we can say with confidence, surely this is our God! He brought salvation to us sinners who were destined to destruction and freed us from sin! Therefore, we can go back to our promised land- THE KINGDOM OF HEAVEN! THANK YOU, HEAVENLY FATHER, CHRIST AHNSAHNGHONG!